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Classes and Workshops

Whether you are into sports, technology, arts and crafts, or literature, Robson Ranch will have something for you. Check out some of the classes and workshops offered in this active community:

  • CPR classes – Learn how to perform this lifesaving technique through Robson Ranch’s CPR classes. Conducted by the Denton Fire Department, students get to learn and practice this emergency procedure. Classes are held every third Wednesday of the month, from 9:00 in the morning until noon.
  • Pilates at Robson Ranch – Credited for giving its practitioners strong backs and trim figures, Pilates exercises are popular with celebrities and fitness coaches. Robson Ranch’s Pilates classes (beginner to advanced) are taught by a certified Mat Pilates instructor. Classes are held weekly at the Heritage Room of the Robson Ranch clubhouse.
  • Tai Chi – An ancient Chinese martial art, this form of self-defense has positive effects on one’s balance and flexibility. This graceful and relaxing martial art is taught at the Sports Center’s gym every Tuesday and Friday morning for $5 per class.
  • Water Aerobics – Burn calories and tone your body through this fun water workout. Water aerobics classes feature basic warm up exercises, noodle exercises, barbell exercises with aerobics, and cool down stretches.
  • Shutterbugs – Do you love taking pictures? Have you expressed an interest in photography? Join the Shutterbugs, Robson Ranch’s photography club! Shutterbugs encourage its members to develop their photography skill through various activities that bring out their inner Ansel Adams or Annie Leibovitz.
  • Computer Club – Are you a self-confessed computer geek or an avid tech fanatic? Whether you are new to the world of computers or a die-hard expert, Robson Ranch’s Computer Club is for you. Workshops, online training, and social events with guest speakers are just some of the activities that the Computer Club offers to its members.
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